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Don't ask me why I am playing it, it just really caught my eye. Already into the game, I heard Dan's voice, snapping me out of this digital fantasy world."What you watching? The answers we could pick from showed up.~ Answers ~ 1) 9/11 was an inside job 2) Why did you remove the oreo lick race from youtube 3) I’ll ask joe sugg“These aren’t animals!

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” I got lazy reading.“Okay.” Dan clicked the answer. Action: Phil crawls onto your lap and gently places a hand on your cheek.

“I don’t know what poon means, I heard some cool kids say it. Do the How did this class compare to the meow meow meow meow!! I began to laugh again “Shut up.” He shook his head grinning.“S M H” We both read Phil’s reply in unision.~ Answers ~1) Is something wrong? ” Dan worriedly questioned.“You didn’t pick my answer! ”“Uhhhhh” My vocals slipped out unpleasantly as I read the next action.“What the…” Dan didn’t finish his sentence. ” I yelled a bit loudly, getting up and moving to the kitchen.

How did this class compare to the other classes youu have taken at this school? Cheeky smile wink thingamajig.” Dan read all three answers.“OOOh! Dan clicked the first answer.“Oh look, lovely music! ” He joyously smiled, placing the newly bought food into the places where they belong.“I’m making out with Phil in the maid cafe!!

” As I concluded my journey into the kitchen, I was greeted with Phil just arriving home.“Hey! O_O My face flushed with redness.“That’s great ehhhhh? The confused Phil began to walk to find Dan, following the soundwaves that was recently present.“The game end...ded…” I heard Dan’s voice from the lounge. An awkward wall was being constructed.“Why are you making out with me in a maid cafe?

Under the leadership of Pepsi Co Beverages' global head of digital Shiv Singh -- who's now departing for Visa -- Pepsi became an ardent content creator and startup supporter.

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