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Prescriptive headlines work best If the subscriber sees that there is some specific benefit, that they will be able to take and apply as if it was a prescription, they’ll be far more likely to click. They want to know what return (practical information) they’ll get for their investment (2 minutes of their time). They don’t have to be the same as the article headline A “headline” can be many things, a subject line, a title tag, header text, a social media post, etc.

So headlines can (and should) be tailored to their purpose.

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Once clicked, the purpose of the headline on the landing page is the get the reader to move down the page…

The best subject line in the world won’t help you if you have a weak link farther down the chain.

Perhaps you’ve read a ton of articles about how to create high-converting email subject lines and felt that you’ve received only general information…

and you want somebody to tell you exactly how to do it right.

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