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If the buzz-cut isn’t your thing anymore, you might be rocking a pilot-style or officer-inspired haircut. Whether you’re at a party or your child’s school function, it doesn’t matter.

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With all due respect to the ladies who do our laundry the best, being a military service person automatically deems you the leading official of ironing in the house. The walk of a military man or woman signifies a sense of purpose and discipline and even the farthest of observers can sense that a mile away.

By now, you know how to iron almost any item of clothing thrown your way, especially when it comes to t-shirts. Not to mention your speed – you’re quick pace is a dead giveaway for your army experience and quite possibly, your rank.

You’ve mastered the skill in real life so it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone when you put them to shame in a video game.

Call of Duty is child’s play compared to what you can do with a weapon.

Actually, it may be decorated just like your uniform depending on your rank.

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