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New classes start up every month and you can join existing groups of students if you want.

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Even as it’s understood that inevitably greatness requires beating out competitors in one arena or another, we certainly should not think of ourselves as better than people I think these attitudes are mostly for the best, though I think I would seek to modify them in some ways.

In this post, I want to focus in on how false modesty, an emotion I think people sometimes develop as a corrective against arrogance, can actually become a counter-productive kind of With seemingly any power comes the power to hurt.

But nonetheless he implicitly scares the crap out of many students with his demeanor and he does not compensate for that in the sorts of emotionally sensitive afraid of him and prevents him from proactively alleviating their anxieties and helping them grow.

I know one student in particular who suffered a lot of intellectual paralysis, with real academic and personal costs, out of fear of his disapproval.

I earned my Ph D and taught 93 university classes before I went into business for myself.

Intimidating people at work

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