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by  |  05-Jul-2017 09:05

Unfortunately, to the majority of kids and adults, video games are not professional but soccer is ok. I am 44 years old and I play video games...mainly WWIIOnline and recently Fallout 3. In fact, I often tell them about how I finish grading things before I play games, just like they should finish their work/assignments before they do. Yeah, just as another longtime student- I think it's probably not a good idea to play with your students, current ones for sure, but even later students that'd be kinda weird too.

However, I totally don't think it is bad to let the kids know you like games. My kids(I teach 7th Grade) know I like video games and it has not made me seem unprofessional. Most of my empoyees were teenagers and I was in my mid twenties. It just seems like more problems than it's worth down the road.

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