Is chris trousdale dating anyone whose dating jennifer anistin

by  |  16-Jun-2017 11:40

I give it five stars cause its just this awesomely cute, funny movie.Ann Ok, so this movie is slightly cheesy, BUT it's worth the purchase if you were once a Dream Street fan and/or idolized Chris Trousdale (main star). Teen heartthrob Chris Trousdale, lead singer of popular boy band Dream Street finds himself hiding out in the house of his biggest fan. I love the dvd, I had seen it before and wanted my own copy.

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As a fan of Dream Street in the past and a current fan of Jesse Mc Cartney, this is a great movie! Chris is feeling under the weather, doped up on medicine and needing a break from the fame..he decides to run away for awhile.

He finds himself in the house of a fan when he awakes (likely to never happen in reality).

So unless you absolutely love Dream Street, or really enjoy laughing at bad movies.don't want to buy this.(I'm under my dads password, account thingy)I'm 15 right now and I just got the biggest fan yesterday. This movie is good not just for fans, but for anyone.

I mean how many people wish that they could wake up to their favorite celebrity?

We were told Aaron Carter’s mother and manager, Jane Carter, was informed about the audience reaction, thus confirming her fears.

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