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Refer to the Emacs developer mailing list for more details. I may take the template functions from the Mewde variant and maintain them in a separate “add-on” for the n XHTML mode, but I would suggest that most people use the n XHTML variant.

Beside those php-mode there are the following possibilities to mix them with better HTML support. For example; I don’t use any multiple major mode for PHP; I put all yasnipet HTML snippets to inside PHP snippets; and I use with new php-mode for complex php-html code pages.

It is a list of strings that PHP Mode will treat as additional constants, i.e.

I had to edit to use ‘php-mode’ for PHP files rather then C mode but other then that, it cooks just fine.

Now I can quickly toggle between PHP & HTML mode, depending on what I’m mostly going to be editing.- Jonathan Arnold Alternatively to the method above, I use the following snippet for switching between php-mode and html-mode.

Syntax highlighting includes every magic constant and predefined constant listed on the official PHP site.

However, some constants from specific extensions are not currently included.

Bug reports for problems related to using PHP Mode with older versions of Emacs will most like and include its output in your bug report. In 2013 Daniel Haxney began rewriting parts of PHP Mode in terms of Emacs' built-in CC Mode.

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