Jaheim who is he dating

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And even if I don’t, I’ll have the greatest gift that no man or woman can possess, the voice.

Essence.com: So you practiced to sound like Luther?

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Jaheim: No, he was leaning on the wall facing the door and I called him one more time, and he was in his own little world. Jaheim: (laughs) Yeah, we shook hands and we talked for a minute.

I was going through so much and when Luther ignored me, it just took everything away. I was walking away and this girl looked at me and screamed, ‘Jaheim! I said, ‘Man you just don’t know what you did for me.’ I actually had an opportunity to see his mother last night. I’m going to get me something and cherish my moment with Luther.

Essence.com: Well, your fans love you, so keep putting it down. I was at a studio practicing for a production I was in and one of my friends said, ‘Jaheim, Luther is downstairs.’ I thought he was playing but he wasn’t. I said, ‘I am somebody now, cause Luther knows me.’ That was the greatest moment I ever had inside of this business so far.

Speaking of which, what has been your craziest fan encounter? I got downstairs as soon as I could and he was right there. ’ But he ignored me, so I called him again, I said, ‘Luther’ And he ignored me again. Essence.com: He was looking right at you and didn’t say anything? Essence.com: So did you and he talk afterwards—you know smooth voice to smooth voice?

It was the Luther voice that hit me and brought me to success.

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