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Notes of Sambac jasmine are mixed with clary sage and spices, making an erotic and hedonistic blend.Top notes: bergamot, mandarin, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, black and white pepper.

Indoors it's a completely different fragrance, it feels claustrophobic even if used very sparingly, and is so nauseating it makes me feel drained, & it's very long lasting. Besides that easy-to-wear, gym appropriate aquatic Ed T I love, what other fragrance could I possibly need now that I own a bottle of Jasmin Rouge? The summer heat together with JR makes me feel like a goddess. I am in love and have forgotten about the other warm fragrances I like. Getting dressed for a night out, I will choose clothing and apply makeup before choosing a fragrance. You dress to compliment the fragrance, to honor it. It has a special smell that transports you to a difference place that is so unique.

During the long nordic winter I am convinced it will keep me warm. Update 6.30.17: my boyfriend, who never mentions perfume and who thought for 7 months that the scent he liked so much was my shampoo (it was Eternity Aqua) exclaimed "You smell so good! This is the find of fragrance you smell on someone and you will be asking what is that?

This is the only feminine fragrance that I own and wear.

I like the smell of it but it does not last long and I find myself reapplying it every two hours or so. For me Jasmin Rouge starts out like lys soleia, its rubbery green lily and tuberose, for a second I thought I got the wrong sample.

When Ernany was featured as one of Female’s 50 Gorgeous People last year, the energetic and creative 23-year-old was still single and working as a nurse in Singapore.

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