Jobs in a dating service

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Their services are usually paid for by the job seeker or, in some cases, by a company that is downsizing and wants to help its outcasts find employment elsewhere.

Like dating services, employment agencies help clients determine what sort of job they might be attracted to.

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Rather than kissing toads, it is better to go out and hunt down a prince from the start.

Networking Is the Key to Getting a Job (Or Even a Date) Just like dating, the key to finding a great job and a great career is meeting people.

If you want an entry-level job in those areas, have all the right skills, and don't care with whom or where you work, then a résumé database might be a suitable tool for you.

But, as I have advocated in this column since the beginning, matching skills is only PART of the process; other factors such as lifestyle, location, values, and environment are far more important in finding a satisfying career.

Although some of the services I have described above may be helpful for some people in particular circumstances, for the majority of young scientists there is no substitute for networking, informational interviewing, and simply getting out there to meet people.

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