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Sabah Gazetesinden Dilek Yaman'ın haberine göre; son olarak 'Cesur ve Güzel' dizisinde rol alan Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ'a 29 Eylül'de yüklü miktarda vergi cezası geldi.

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There are times in Turkey where I read the local news online and wonder if I’ve been duped.

The headlines and content of the news can be so absurd I find myself scrolling through the website looking for the disclaimer saying: “This an onion.” An onion piece is a satirical news article based on factual events.

The language barrier and cultural differences are perfect for hiding one’s real identity, and any jerk can pass for a fairly decent guy.

Also, I have added this new reason to the list: Turkish girls are high maintenance; foreign girls do not demand that much.

In past centuries, it was the Ukrainians, Circassians and others…

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