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Then just when you think "Whip It" is headed into sports rom-com cliché territory, surprising twists keep it original and refreshing.

But despite the multitude of talented actors, Page clearly carries the film on her diminutive shoulders and is easily in control of the material.

This sets up a family confrontation that is the stuff of classic coming-of-age stories.

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:) As you may or may not know, this is the tenth anniversary of the site.

Last Black Friday I revealed some of the best blinds from the history of the site.

Apparently Lions Gate put on a search to find Page’s “music-playing love interest” and message board speculation suggests this might be Pigg’s role (according to Wikipedia this is true, so it must be fact).

But he is on the movie’s IMDB page as well (as unreliable as that can be at times) and according to that site, Har Mar Superstar is also featured as a roller derby referee (he also had a small role in, “Lovely, Still” that appeared at TIFF earlier this year).

Mothersbaugh is also scoring the animated feature, “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.” What’s on the soundtrack otherwise, since it’s an “indie-rock loving” character? Barrymore apparently once told Interview magazine that potty-mouthed electro rapper Peaches would be featured in the film and producer Jim Diamond of Detroit recording studio Ghetto Recorders is supposedly recording some songs (the film was shot in Detroit).

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