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In the United States, Canada and Japan, Microsoft will introduce an unsupervised chat service solely for subscribers, who are considered more accountable because their billing details and identities are on record with the company.

The decision has triggered a heated debate among free speech advocates, children's rights groups and Microsoft rivals about the proper way to police online forums, which predate the Web itself and have been critical to the Internet's growth as a mass medium."It's a signal that some of the joyful early days of the Internet have moved on a bit.

Participants in the first group (‘active recruitment’) were recruited to participate in the HIV prevention outreach intervention, were given the web address of a risk assessment and were provided a unique password necessary for accessing the assessment.

Thus, users are able to communicate to one another ‘in real time’ through what is referred to as an ‘instant message’ (IM).

This speed differentiates chat-room dialogue from asynchronous computer-mediated communication methods such as electronic mail and newsgroups [3].

However, little is known about how men who participate in chat room-based prevention interventions differ from those who do not participate.

This analysis compares the baseline demographic characteristics and HIV-related risk profiles of two groups of MSM who use chat rooms for social and sexual networking.

Online men have been identified as being at increased risk for HIV but difficult for researchers to access through traditional approaches, including individuals who have chosen to engage in unprotected sex (e.g.

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