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As US tax reform unfolds and legislation begins to take shape, it is critical that companies understand the various tax proposals and evaluate and prepare for the financial statement income tax accounting considerations associated with a potentially unprecedented shift in US taxation.

The Senate approved a bill to extend both government funding and the federal debt limit through December 8, and provide $15.25 billion in hurricane relief funding.

In accordance with the Mexican President's request to maintain a permanent public comment process to guide the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) modernization, the Ministry of Economy announced, on June 26, 2017, a new website that will serve as the mechanism for public comments on the NAFTA modernization.

The Canada Revenue Agency released highly anticipated proposed changes to the Voluntary Disclosures Program that would narrow its application and offer less generous relief or, in some cases, no relief, to non-compliant taxpayers.

This section enumerates a list of tips, linked to the main Windows Installer SDK documentation, to help Application Developers, Setup Authors, IT Professionals, and Infrastructure Developers discover best practices for using the Windows Installer: Many application vendors provide native Windows Installer packages for the installation or their products.

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