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The assessment process will take a long time normally I think about 8 months so you would probably be best asking for a toddler.However please remember that whatever happens the child you adopt will have had a hard time and will not be straight forward.VAs generally don't have healthy white babies to place, as LAs can normally place them with their own adopters, but with the situation as it is now, even some VAs are placing the "easy to place" children.

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I was eventually approved and like you, had said that I wanted a 4-8 yr old so that they could grow up along side my son, at this point in time I was 43, well not many social workers actually want single parents!!

Bearing in mind I had been on my own since my son was 2 apart fm the said relationship at the beginning (who was;nt my sons dad), I was told about 2 separate little boys who were in foster care but when my social worker showed interest their social workers said no they wanted a 2 parent family for them (what guts me is that those boys could still be in foster care to this day rather than be with a loving family be it one parent or two).

We only provide support to people in England and Wales.

I have been considering adoption for quite a while now, but I'm worried about the impact it will have on my little boy. We would want to adopt a baby or very young toddler. Any advice would be greatly received Claire There are very few babies available for adoption each year so unlikely that you will get a baby.

Another option is adopting from Russia, or Eastern Europe.

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