M audio profire lightbridge updating firmware

by  |  23-Jun-2017 23:28

This optimization decreases the performance when aggregating multiple Fire Wire audio interfaces using Core Audio.

Core Audio 0x98075488 CAPThread:: Entry(CAPThread*) 140 7 lib System.

B.dylib 0x90f3b259 _pthread_start 345 8 lib System.

Besides it is not supported for Mac Aggregate, AVID has taken it out of their program (as Presonus did it with the Lightpipe). People are quick to complain but usually it was driver issues and wrong clocking I believe. I will change to an RME Raydat when I can as I believe that will be more stable and I'm not too keen on firewire when recording critical things (one pull and it's out! I can offer a bit of insight into using both units over Fire Wire.

*Update* - Since i had the chance to buy a M-Audio Lightbridge for a very reasonable price i ordered it and will do the test, if it fails i can send it back. The firmware and drivers on the Pro Fire 2626 were optimized to provide higher performance and lower latency than similar devices based on the same chips sets.

Core Audio 0x98075f40 HP_IOThread:: Work Loop() 2506 5 com.apple.audio.

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