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Siddheshwar of the time of the Kalachuri (Basavakalyan) suggest that the town was called "Sonnalage" which came to be pronounced as "Sonnalagi".A Sanskrit inscription dated Shake 1238, after the downfall of the Yadavas found at Kamati in Mohol shows that the town was known as Sonalipur.

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The town was known as Sonnalagi even up to the times of the Yadavas of Devagiri.

Solapur is a city with multi-linguistic and multi-cultural features.

He was also one of the first to bring the farming tractor to India.

It was his wish that the building should be used for some public purpose and thus the building was made the municipal council.

There is also one of the oldest Ganesh temples, Ajoba Ganpati temple, which started celebrating the Ganesh festival in 1885.

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