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by  |  14-Jul-2017 07:45

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I have recently started shaving my pubs and arse and it is the best thing.

Much nicer to look at, much cleaner and I have convinced my wife to shave herself. My wife and I are both 65 and have discovered much better sex and masturbation by getting rid of the hair. I just shave the penis and scrotum and trim the rest. Yes, better for oral but nothing else, just because a man has never shaved or trimmed his pubes, (not pubs) does not mean he is dirty, far from it, I have frequent showers and I am as clean as someone who has not hairs. It is a good thing you've discovered how common masturbation is in males of "vintage years." I have connected to a website that makes it fairly easy to have cybersex.

I love watching and it keep me horny for my younger hubby.

makes me sad to see the amount women missing out on sex. Please educate me thanks and ENJOY Good input for men that are approaching their 70's. Sex is great and you have to keep the passion going for both male and female.

It's made sex and masturbation a whole new experience. Role Playing is a great experience, and you two could certainly enjoy that. Nice to hear from you that the thought of many older men like me who masturbate regularly turns you on.

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