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‘Chris and I divorced for the right reasons – we just didn’t work.But we remain extremely close.’ The partnership between the older rocker and the young, pretty daughter of Hollywood royalty did seem unlikely – there was a 13-year age gap and they got together just as she sprang to stardom with Almost Famous.

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Her last movie, Fool’s Gold, due out on Blu-ray and DVD, reunited her and Mc Conaughey.

It’s a good-natured comedy drama set around the hunt for a sunken treasure, and Kate plays the feckless Mc Conaughey’s clever historian estranged wife. We met at Paramount and it was just easy, we talked and laughed, he was great and we had the best time, and it sort of stayed like that. Some people you connect with, and Matthew and I have always connected.’ In an ironic parallel to her film role playing a divorcing wife, though, she found herself getting divorced during the shooting of Fool’s Gold last year from her real-life husband of six years, the Black Crowes singer Chris Robinson. ‘It’s incredibly different circumstances – real life versus playing a picture, and Chris and I had no animosity,’ Kate is keen to point out.

She has a lot of speaking engagements.’ I tell her how Goldie said that she told her children they were ‘extremely powerful as individuals and their job in life was not to abuse it.

Some kids have it and some don’t – that power that can light up the room, be seductive, or really smart.’ She also said that Kate had ‘a glow about her’ – so she wasn’t surprised she became a film star. ‘They always say they knew before I did,’ she says.

Since the divorce she has dated Owen Wilson (after they broke up he reportedly tried to commit suicide), has been seen with actor Dax Shepard and, most recently, Tour de France legend and Sheryl Crow’s ex-boyfriend Lance Armstrong.

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