Methods of validating research radiometric dating how stuff works

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The ISO 22000[1] and PAS 220[2] standards require formal validation of CCPs and operational prerequisite programs (o PRPs).

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(present) • Verification: Was the work done according to plan? (future) Validation is not a new concept to the food processing industry.

In the early days of the low-acid canned-food regulations, protocols were established to validate the processing conditions for canning low-acid products.

In canning low-acid foods, this includes identifying the cold spot in a retort-packaged food product, which is critical in determining the schedule for the process. The systems used for this must be validated by a process authority recognized by the Almond Board of California as able to achieve the required bioburden limit.[3] Many times, process authorities will establish a minimum process to ensure safety, but operating parameters exceed this minimum. The scheduled processes are somewhat excessive, which will minimize the potential for process deviations, yet ensure both quality and safety.

However, the minimum processing parameters are determined as a result of studies that utilize “worst-case scenario” processing conditions. The documentation should be written in sufficient detail to allow a food scientist to understand the conditions for the study so that the individual can repeat the study.

Food safety management standards also require that some or all of the food safety system be validated.

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