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Swan: (Interrupting her once more) But we all waiting, go. Chuck Woolery: (Impatiently) Just ask the question. Chuck Woolery: No, no, no, no, Rick asks the questions! Chuck Woolery: You wanna think about that one for a second? Swan: (Pressing imaginary answering buzzer) Doot - doot - doot - doot - doo.

Rick: I don't know, Chuck, nothin' like a good cat fight. Swan: (Interrupts Rick) Ok, what is the capital of, maybe Idaho. Rick: You know, I kinda like this one, she's quick on the draw, and so am I. Swan pins down the front of her dress, flirting at Rick.) Ms. Jackie Johnson: I'm not gonna steel your stupid answer! Rick: Well, let's see, Rick knows a sexy lady when he hears one, and my gut tells me that sexy lady is #3.

The show had a faster pace and began to use recurring characters, such as the wacky mother/son duo Doreen (Collins) and Stuart (Mc Donald) Larkin, more often.

Separately, Collins played the eccentric Midwestern character Lorraine Swanson and Mc Donald played Jewish slob director Marvin Tikvah and overexcited dweeb Rusty Miller in sketches that appeared in heavy rotation.

Original cast players Nicole Sullivan and Debra Wilson introduced new characters, playing Latina bimbos Lida and Melina together, while Wilson performed Bunifa, a fast-talking ghetto fabulous girl. Swan and Rosie O'Donnell; Pat Kilbane appeared as the Coffee Guy and the spokesman for Spishak, and performed his Howard Stern impersonation; Will Sasso frequently impersonated famous people such as Bill Clinton, Kenny Rogers, and Steven Seagal and Aries Spears did several impersonations of popular African-American celebrities. During the episode that aired February 6, 1999, Bret Hart appeared in a sketch with Will Sasso.

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