Nlp dating techniques

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Each pattern was meant to be read aloud in a very specific way, with specific pauses, inflections, changes in tonality, and body language.

If you plan on getting into patterns, be sure to pick up the book by Joseph O’Connor and John Seymour.

Once you decide which representational system they use most, respond in the same modality.

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Remember to repeat this every time you’re in the same state.

The point is to “anchor” the feelings you have to this spot through repetition.

If you’ve been in the community for long, then you’ve probably heard a number of them mentioned.

Some examples are “The Natural Woman Pattern” or “The October Man Pattern.” These patterns are easy to find and read, however, they are not very useful without an understanding of the principles at work behind the scenes.

The theory is that after this state has been anchored, you’ll be able to touch your wrist and trigger that positive state.

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