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Generally, it will depend upon the venue, the band that is playing, the crowd that is expected and the number of staff that is on hand for the event.Guards will be there to tell you to sit down if you should not be standing and they can be there to guide you to your seat if you are unsure of the area where you will be sitting.

They are the first line of defense and ready to respond should there be any sort of incident or emergency within the crowd.

There are a number of different duties that can be bestowed upon a security guard for any given rock concert.

You will save time and save yourself the stress and hassle of trying to get your eyeliner done perfectly.

You also save a lot of money that you would have otherwise spent to buy expensive makeup at the store.

Due to the security and crowd management needs at any rock concert or similar event, there is always a strong need for a large number of event security staff to take on the tasks at hand.

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