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Thanks in advance.********************Attention: This is a direct response from Amcrest 2/09/2017We at Amcrest apologize for any distress this may have caused you. Typically, only when third-party sellers resell returned cameras without first removing their camera settings from their cloud account may the issue arise.Our practice is to require all our retailers to send us back all returned cameras so that we may remove the camera from the Cloud and perform a hard reset on the camera before resale.Going there, I was able to log in, and had the option to Liveview the camera.

I understand, of course, that any internet-connected device poses at least some level of security and privacy concerns and vulnerabilities.

But, I'm a tech guy myself and wiped the camera before I returned it.

I also had access to the 4-hour loop timeline and I could control the camera (pan, etc). I immediately showed my wife what was going on, and she was sickened.

I shut down the access and contacted Amcrest support--they not only were baffled by what was going on, they seemed more concerned with trying to get the notifications to stop.

Latest firmware having additional security measures which require Amcrest Cloud users to also provide the username and password of their camera as well as their Cloud login to ensure the camera in their possession is the same as the camera associated with their Cloud account.

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