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The UAE maintained its military involvement in Yemen, where it is assisting in the Saudi-led military campaign against Houthi forces, also known as Ansar Allah.It is unclear if the UAE air force is still taking part in coalition airstrikes, but Emirati troops remain on the ground in the south of the country.These rules partly govern how the visa-sponsorship system operates in the UAE and should theoretically make it easier for workers to change employers before their contract ends if their rights are violated.

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The new decrees do not apply to domestic workers, who are explicitly excluded from UAE labor law protections.

Discrimination on the basis of sex and gender is not included in the definition of discrimination in the UAE’s 2015 anti-discrimination law. 28 of 2005 regulates matters of personal status in the UAE, and some of its provisions discriminate against women.

In practice, UAE courts use this article to convict and sentence people for offenses, which include consensual sexual relations outside heterosexual marriage and other “moral” offenses, including same-sex relations.

Different emirates within the UAE have laws that criminalize same-sex sexual relations, including Abu Dhabi where “unnatural sex with another person” can be punished with up to 14 years in prison, and Dubai which imposes 10 years of imprisonment for sodomy.

The special rapporteur on torture said he had received credible information that authorities subjected the men to torture.

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