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Take note again of this (click picture to enlarge): While waiting for your MID number, you need this Printed Form in your transactions to Pag-IBIG fund.

You will receive also an SMS message from Pag-IBIG about your successful registration.

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But Mrs May's deputy Damian Green is still being investigated over sex harassment allegations that surfaced as part of the Westminster sleaze furore.

Theresa May is not a bad person, writes PIERS MORGAN.

Pippa and James are building the extension above the kitchen with that comes complete with a ‘vanity basin’, his and hers sinks.

The mansion already boasts a gym, an underground cinema, a lift, a 'staff room' as well as six bedrooms.

She had all the trappings of power but she looked haunted and hunted; someone desperately trying to stop the ship sinking on her watch but without the first idea how to do it.

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