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by  |  21-Apr-2017 23:15

A company in the First World isn't ALLOWED to offer employees more money to do a job in a less-safe way.

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He is inviting both producers and performers to sign up to a new code of practice designed to minimise risk within the gay porn industry.

He told Newsnight: “I just don’t want another 18-year-old model crying on my shoulder not sure how to tell his partner or his parents that he is now HIV positive.”Not to disregard anything you're saying, but how can these porn actors be sure they were infected on this porn shoot? especially when I see a biohazard tattoo on one of them.

So blame consumers if you like, but why not blame those who make it forbidden fruit? The spectre of an evil porn industry forcing otherwise-naive and innocent 18 year-olds to take it bareback, resulting in their immediate infection with HIV? As #5 mentions above, these people are consenting adults and have no one to blame for their bad choices but themselves.

Moreover, wouldn't it be ironic if said "innocent" 18 year-olds were in fact already HIV-positive before starring in BB porn, yet were manipulative and deceptive enough to claim it was the act of making this porn that infected them?

Were they completely abstinent for six months before and after? *shudder* Dan, would you address sometime how you would feel about computer generated child porn, that does not hurt any children?

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