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Friendships help you to maintain a solid foundation. If you are caught up in reminding yourself how unlovable you are, then your dating life will be all about proving to yourself that you’re right. Especially with labels you don’t want – or need – to live up to. But you are the same person lovable and caring person you have always been.

And when your foundation is solid, you are in a better position to be open to a relationship because it will enhance your life rather than out of neediness or desperation to have someone to make you feel complete.

Living with HIV can add an extra wrinkle to the process of connecting with people who might have dating potential: Disclosing your diagnosis to someone who may or may not be very understanding.

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And if you’ve had a few disappointments along the way, you might also be wondering if having a partner is even in your future.

In my experience, when you are living with HIV, getting connected with the right person is an inside job.

But as you learned (or maybe relearned) not everybody you meet is going to be willing to step up to the plate.

As a result, it’s only human that you are feeling a little hesitant to take the risk of meeting new people.

Q: Is it safe for an HIV-positive person to have unprotected sex with another HIV-positive person?

People aids dating

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