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by  |  24-Feb-2017 10:37

She didn't neccessarily ***** off or anything, just spurred me on with her facial expressions. I remember being at a swim meet and seeing those young, fit skinny guys in just their speedos and...My greatest experiences have been with female pervs. It's always delightful to meet a woman who shares my passion. Most people reject us, but we know we will never be turned away or rejected... even though I have been told I am many times, I still feel like an arrogant tosser when I say it.

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Ill keep it short since i already blogged about it ill just share my experience for the major part. I'm a young guy and got a little carried away playing with myself tonight. I always take precautions to hide my identity when I do such things (especially online...

I ended up on a site playing with myself for the viewing pleasure of a horny woman. Lately I've had a thing for skinny boys in speedos...which I feel ashamed of at times....a grown woman getting turned on by young guys makes me feel bad, but I can't help it.

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Are you more into cum guzzling midgets, fat ass gang bangs, chicks fucking guys up the ass with strap ons, basement bondage, glory holes, fisting, extreme penetration, or gangsta thugs banging little twink ass?

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