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The Philippine Constitution declares unequivocally: Article XIII sets out the states duty to promote social justice and protect human rights.It also establishes the Commission on Human Rights.When a leader obsessed with death and violence rules the land by terrorizing the citizens and mocks God with his lies and insolent mouthand when he wants to kill or imprison or dispose of all of his political enemieswe ought to recognize that terrible demonic dark forces are at work. As Nazi enforcers they arrested, tortured, imprisoned and murdered innocent men, women and children to ingratiate themselves with their evil leader in exchange for some privileges and security. But, in reality, he is not really interested in the truth.

In openly and clearly violating the Constitution and disrespecting basic moral values the President has betrayed the citizenry. By betraying the people, including handing over the countrys territories to the Chinese, he has lost his legitimacy to lead the country as its president.

In a world starved for love, kindness and peace, the present Philippine President foments hate, cruelty, violence and death.

The due process right of an accuse to prove his innocence in a proper court of law is also a fundamental human right developed over hundreds of years by the human family.

The Philippines and its people recognize these fundamental sacred rights.

He needs his critics to be wrong because if he is able to persuade his audience with his lies that he is rightthen his untruth becomes truth. They believed that they were doing good in being faithfully obedient to the Fuhrers commands.

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