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"The two happened so close together that we thought someone needs to say to these kids that if you post something, you’re going to be held responsible," Sgt. Like so many other schools these days, West Haven High plans to use these incidents to once again educate parents on why it's a good idea to monitor what their kids are doing on the Internet.

Not being stupid enough to fall for it again, I closed my account.

$3 spent to learn that those websites are bullshit is a fairly cheap lesson." ‘Acharaj’ said: "Couple of years ago a young guy (must be a teenager around 16-17) came to my door and told me that he is looking for this girl, whom he met through some stupid porn dating site and she gave him my address to meet .

So at this point I don’t even bother, I immediately close everything and fire up their customer support.

I tell them I paid for a $1 trial, got double charged, proceeded to click on the link given to me in the email thanking me for signing up and was then instantly double charged $40.

Police said none of threats made were deemed credible.

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