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Cheryl is married to Zonnique’s father, Zebo Pullins (pictured below with Cheryl). The following is Part 2 of my earlier post which you can read here.During their tense exchange, Cheryl dropped the bomb by confirming the prostitute allegations against T.

He said Paddock was 'condescending' towards Danley, 62, making her 'nervous and jittery', while also making the most of prostitutes offered to him by casinos.

Referring to offers of free prostitutes offered to Paddock by casinos in Las Vegas, Le Fevre said: 'I did have no questions that some of those offers had been accepted, yes'.

They also revealed that Paddock and his girlfriend Marilou Danley visited the Middle East on a cruise sometime during the past few years.

They did not reveal the significance of any of the trips.

Officials have repeatedly dismissed ISIS's attempts to claim responsibility for the atrocity.

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