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New archeological evidence, including radiocarbon and DNA analysis, suggests the Chacoan society was ruled by a matrilineal dynasty for more than 300 years.

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What were the environmental conditions like in the region in the past?

Why did they leave their homes in the 13th century?

"For the first time, we're saying that one kinship group controlled Pueblo Bonito for more than 300 years," added Steve Plog, a professor of archaeology at the University of Virginia.

In Lab 3, students take a journey to the desert Southwest and examine and interpret science data to tell the story of the ancestral peope at Pueblo Bonito: When did they live in the region?

Note: Please download the Student Activity Sheet (pdf or Word version) found in the Printable Materials section of this document if you wish to have students respond to Stop and Think questions as they go through the lab.

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