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Be sure to check out the additional capabilities provided by using our libraries.You can also access many Mailgun features through your Mailgun Control Panel using your browser and logging in at try to make tracking your messages as easy as possible through Events, Stats, and Tagging.

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To be able to use Mailgun in production a custom domain(s) has to be created and verified with Mailgun. Start by adding a domain or subdomain you own in the Warning IP addresses for HTTP and SMTP API endpoints will change frequently and subjected to change without notice.

Ensure there are no IP-based ACLs that would prevent communication to new IP addresses that may be added or removed at any time.

When adding members to a Mailing List you can also define your own variables in addition to these pre-defined variables by using the .

We will generate the unique link to unsubscribe from the mailing list.

Usage is based on outbound messages and number dedicated IP addresses used. As your volume increases your price per message decreases according to the pricing calculator on our pricing page.

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