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Emotions are not chess pieces, and love is not a game of strategy. Radical self-honesty requires a matching dose of humility.

If you sense that something might be wrong, seek to identify and resolve the issue . Whatever score you give yourself in any category is almost surely inflated.

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Radical honesty in dating

Self-respect is a seed planted by the standards you set: How do you treat people? The relationships worth having are those with a voltage high enough to match your own, not those that cause a power failure.

Maintaining integrity in relationships means addressing problems that come up in real-time.

Looking at that list now, I’ve installed about 60% of those tweaks so far with more currently in progress.

In the honesty business, there’s a fine line between radical and reckless.

I reach for my journal whenever I feel there’s an idea or milestone — good or bad — worth documenting.

Radical honesty in dating

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The Equality Act makes it unlawful for universities to discriminate against students based on nationality when deciding who to offer admission to.…
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