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After a summer ensconced with Matty, Jenna is worried that she's lost touch with her BFF's Tamara and Ming. Although they're back from Europe, Jake and Tamara can't seem to stop practicing their French.

Jenna finds herself in a creative writing class with a tyrannical teacher.

Five songs were Top 40 hits, the ballad "Drive" was their highest-charting hit at #3 (Prince's "Let's Go Crazy" kept them from #1), and MTV put the videos for "You Might Think", "Magic", and "Drive" into heavy rotation. They took another break in '86; Ric, Ben, and Elliot released solo albums. , produced by Ocasek, brought them back to their roots as an early New Wave band with a lot of Punk influences.

They tried to get away from the mechanical sounds of their previous albums, but they didn't make it.

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