Resentment of east asian women dating white men

by  |  01-Dec-2017 06:47

A race generally defers to those above it in the hierarchy and is contemptuous of those below it.

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17% of Asian men intermarried, compared to 36% of Asian women.

What is somewhat unsettling, however, is not that interracial marriages occur; it’s the disparity by which Asian men and Asian women choose spouses of a different race."This is for my politically correct, individualist minded fellows:"Among the most influential female Asian American writers, it is self-defeating to speculate or even comment upon the individual reasons for their mate choices.

I know they don't like Jews, but I'm not sure where the hate towards Asians come from. Hmm, I lived in the Middle East for 10 years and there were Japanese, Chinese and all other nationalities of Mongolian stock.

On other related interracial videos starring Asian men with other ethnicities (such as Blacks/Latinas/Jews), the comments were overwhelmingly positive--even from the men. I speak Arabic pretty well and I never heard anything of the kind.

With all the hoopla over Asian women in America these days it appears that our fellow Asian American sisters are getting a bad wrap, literally. Now maybe I'm supposed to be in complete shock and dismay, but its not all that surprising if you think about it.

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