Ryan gosling dating michelle williams 2016

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Griffin (1997), where she plays a member of Susan's (played by Amy Jo Johnson) geek clique.

At age 17, Williams portrayed Jen Lindley, to whom she related because they both grew up "too fast." For filming of the semi-autobiographical series based on its creator Kevin Williamson's childhood, she moved to North Carolina.

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"I feel like I haven't been working in a particularly flashy or visible way," she reflected to Vogue magazine.

"If you weren't looking for them, you would miss the movies that I've made that I'm proud of." Asked if her roommate role was interesting to play, Williams said: "I think what it needed to be was helpful.

"She's almost too good: It's not until she's left a scene that you realize the movie isn't working." Williams plays Ennis' wife Alma, who becomes aware of the true nature of his and Jack's relationship when she sees them in an embrace.

After viewing The Station Agent, casting director Avy Kaufman suggested to Lee that he cast Williams as Alma.

She began her career with television guest appearances, and made her feature film debut in Lassie (1994), which earned her a Youth in Film nomination.

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