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Lisa even makes plans to scare Jamie with it when he returns from getting takeout food for their dinner—except something happens and she ends up dead before he gets home.

Her jaw is cracked open like a dummy’s and her tongue has been removed, when he finds her—sitting up in bed the same way she had posed the dummy to scare him.

The buzzer rings and Jamie finds a mysterious package outside their door.

Inside is a creepy-looking dummy, in a box that looks like a coffin.

I liked the look and feel of DEAD SILENCE, but I wasn’t crazy about the big showdown scene taking place in a house without electricity (with just a flashlight to clue us in).

Still, this was a film that at least tried to be something different in an age of retro-slashers and paranormal activities.

, Horror DVDs, LL Soares Reviews, Trasmissions to Earth with tags Dead Silence, Donnie Wahlberg, Evil Dummies, James Wan, Mary Shaw, Ryan Kwanten on November 8, 2011 by knifefighter TRANSMISSIONS TO EARTH: DEAD SILENCE (2007) Review by L. Soares Just who is Mary Shaw and why does she love puppets so much?

Ryan kwanten dating history

I have been in the US for about six years now, but I am originally from a culture where one is supposed to show respect to people older than you.…
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Lee Pace, who had his villain appearance as Ronan the Accuser in the predecessor movie, will not return in Part 2, even if no one excluded that he could have a comeback in later films.…
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