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Can Light maintain his life when this one man manages to slip into it like he belongs there? They should know by now that the only matters he had any interest in were matters of profit.

I still say he should have won...)FINAL FANTASY VIII - Squall Leonheart (Okay, a game instead of an anime. Leon in Kingdom Hearts)FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST - Edward Elric (Literally the first manga I ever read... mostly shonen-ai, nothing too explicit)Near was always the youngest, and therefor, the least important.

He had four genius older brothers after all, what was so special about him?

That means I love fun, fun, fun, man-on-man, homo-fucking-sex galore. I'll read pretty much any pairing in the series, so long as my character is in the main pairing. I love you if you share some of the same pairings as me, and if you don't... Anyway, I really enjoy writing, and I'm gonna try and write fanfiction for at least my top six... Basically Raito and L are forced to sign up for a dating service, and get paired together.

Now, I know everybody's got a favorite character, but I take it a little beyond that. XDDefine "Compatible" - Deathnote Pairing: L x Raito Okay, this is going to be my first one-shot, and a humor fic at that.

I love fluff, realistic, and hardcore yaoi, and eat lemons for breakfast lunch and dinner. Now that that's out of the way, I guess I'll tell you about a little quirk of mine. occasionally two characters that I completely fixate on.

Saiyuki youkai dating game

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