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Sami ( PM): i gess Sami ( PM): except if u want 2 count wat i did with my ex Sami ( PM): but i dont think that was bad Sami ( PM): u have 2 have done sumthin more than the carmeal apple Sami ( PM): lol ( PM): i love what i do for work, but i also like to fish, and i love to make stuff like my latest motorized bike Sami ( PM): that sounds sooo kewl Sami ( PM): do u have a pic of one that u coudl email me or sumthin ( PM): no, i use to drink way to much but hardly ever now, i probably have some weed around here somewhere, and have tried just about everything, but i am alot older than you are Sami ( PM): relly ( PM): what do u drink Sami ( PM): well i usualy drink beer cuz its easy Sami ( PM): lol Sami ( PM): but i like mikes hard lemonade Sami ( PM): i think thats what its called isnt it ( PM): but i dont want to do anything u dont want to do either Sami ( PM): i wont i promise Sami ( PM): Sami ( PM): ur so sweet Sami ( PM): im relly glad i met u here ( PM): and why is that?

Sami ( PM): cus ur so nice Sami ( PM): and u will show me stuff and then ill no and wont look stupid with guys Sami ( PM): u no wat i mean Sami ( PM): does that suond dum ( PM): what is ur nationality, where are your mother and father from?

In the description of the You Tube video, Camsoda notes that it was the company’s first attempt at broadcasting live underwater.

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The shark bite appeared dangerously close to major veins in the leg and ankle region.

Cavalli screamed, as can be heard in the above video, when the shark bit her, and blood soon appeared in the water.

SHIPLEY: Officer in Winslow shooting had weapons, integrity issues According to police, Tsingine fit the description of a shoplifting suspect and police tried to take her into custody.

She fought against officers and had scissors in her hands, police said, before Shipley shot her.

However, folks on social media have plenty to say about Cavalli’s viral video.

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