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The ethnic German population of the region numbered 800,000 in the early 20th century, with some people whose families had been there for generations.

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The Volga German community came to include industrialists, scientists, musicians and architects, including those who built Saratov's universities and conservatories.

After the beginning of the German invasion of the Soviet Union in June 1941, the Soviet government forcibly expelled the Volga Germans to Uzbekistan, Siberia and Kazakhstan (September 1941); few ever returned to the Volga region, even after rehabilitation.

Reminders of the once prominent place of Germans in the city remain, with the Roman Catholic St.

Klementy Cathedral (seat of the historic Diocese of Tiraspol) on Nemetskaya Ulitsa ("German Street") the most notable.

The event was the exhibition-fair of bakery and confectionery products from manufacturers "Bread and health", manufacturers of bakery, pastry...

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