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by  |  30-May-2017 12:26

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You can even use a custom treeview-ish switchbar, though it's not enabled by default.

As a result, the interface is completely skinnable and highly customisable.

When I do so in IRcap, the channel window completely covers everything but the menubar (and standard switchbar). - v Cards in Jabber now shows photos in GIF format. October 23rd, 2005: - Added a console for service bots. - New module, Jabber, to connect to this IM network (and to MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, etc, using transports).

And all of a sudden the script seems much more plain. There's also the mp3 player which comes as a loadable module by default, which I think feels kind of twitchy. - New "Services discovery" metod in Jabber module, the old metod don't works with some servers. This is a provisional module only in spanish adapted from the old IRcap.

Picture windows, yes, the latest fad in m IRC scripting, it would seem.

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