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by  |  20-Nov-2017 09:37

This scam is horrifying in the fact that not everyone can rationally think through this type of thing and would believe them and either pay or kill themselves over the ensuing stress (I'm not gonna lie, it kind of got to me at first).

The next morning I get this text from her "father": "You need to give me a call about these pictures and text messages in my 15 years old daughters phone my wife is on the way to file a report about this situation." At this point it was early in the AM and I was still groggy when I called back only to hear a man getting angry about it.

I tried explaining that she never said she was underage but of course he's an angry father seeking revenge.

His "wife" (most likely the subject in the photos) was on the way to the station to press charges.

Then he has a change of heart and decides to talk her out of it.

I got a call later from Mr Davis, still in a noisy room after claiming he'd be going outside to call me, saying that his wife was wanting to turn in the phone and take action.

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