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Her back was arched up, and her shoulders were back her hands grasping herself in the region of her pre-pubescent nipples. "Well, if you think I'm going to stick my cock in there after your dog's slobbered all over it" "Dog saliva's cleaner than human saliva," she pointed out she was into dogs, you see. She was working her pussy good as I slipped my cock into her mouth. I slipped my tongue into her and felt some of the tangy, hot alcohol flow out into my mouth. Her weight shifted and she leaned fully forward to engulf my throbbing head with her warm, soft lips. The combination of sensations was fucking heavenly.

Her chin was high and I could see her dark hair spread out on the grass around her. I slid it in and out in an obscene imitation of fellatio, slopping alcohol into her mouth as I did so. " I slid the neck of the bottle out and it exited her tight ring with a plop. The burning pain in my bladder was hard to overcome, as was the urge not to piss, but I focused myself and overcame both releasing the flow of warm urine into her mouth. I pinched it off when it looked like she had a gob-full. She was gasping and groaning as I worked her asshole and she plied her talent on her pussy. I got up, my cock dangling flaccid, but still long. I just got to pee first" but before I had barely finished my statement, she had gently taken me by the cock and slipped it in her mouth with an angelic smile and a lick of her lips.

I ran quietly and quickly back downstairs, hopefully before my little sister could make it back in the house. As I slunk into the sitting room she tiptoed back upstairs. Our parents slept late: they must have partied hard.

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The little slut was writhing naked on the grass while her favorite dog slurped the fuck-juice out of her vagina. Her hand slid down and started fondling her clit, little though I knew at the time what such a thing was. My cock spurted spunk all over two or three panes of finely-beveled cut glass of the French window. I tugged off my tee-shirt and cleaned off the glass before hastily returning upstairs. " She spat back suddenly awake and full of indignant vitriol. "Sit up," I whispered, slipping my hand under her covers and sliding it over her naked body. Her voice cracked as she asked, "You won't tell Mom and Dad, will you? I knew that a good drunk took time, so I pulled out the bottle and kissed her instead. Her ass was soft and open, as I slid the bottle into her, dumping more of the alcohol into her rectum. My mind whirled with ideas, each one more depraved than the last. The little slut three years my junior was already getting more and dirtier sex than I'd ever had. I reached back and slipped a fingertip into her tiny pussy. It was no use, I couldn't piss any more my cock was getting too hard. It didn't matter I could feel her cumming her ring pulsated and tightened around my tongue and she bucked in time with it. We heard the front door opening at about six in the morning.

I saw her frigging herself wildly, her pelvis thrusting her cunt into the dog's mouth as it plunged its nearly-prehensile tongue into her to retrieve whatever delicious balm she had tempted it with in the first place. I had to pee, following my violent ejaculation, but I stoically restrained myself. I looked at her pale, round face, wondering what it would be like to stick my knife into her throat the knife that I had left downstairs, that is! She gasped and returned the embrace wholeheartedly. Besides, there was no sense in letting her have all the fun. Charlotte opened her eyes as I moved, looking suddenly alarmed. I let go the orgasm I'd been restraining and shot a big load of hot spunk right into her mouth. I could feel her sucking away at it just as hard as she had at my piss. She moaned and tongued my tip, slipping her lips further down my steel-hard prick and stroking my tightened ball-sack so lightly with her little fingers. Silently, Char turned to me and kissed my lips, then whispered, "Go to your room." I slipped out of her bed, longing to enjoy her again, and padded off to my own bed.

Yes, there it was again, the loose-fitting bolt moving in the frame. My sister was three years younger than me and I was only sixteen.

Our parents felt us sufficiently responsible to be left alone, especially when they had a wine-tasting (a.k.a. Granted, it wasn't a common occurrence and it was the summer holidays it wasn't like we had to do anything responsible like go to school the next day.

Needless to say I always preferred seeing Charlotte to Mom. Her rounded features made you think that she was a little on the chubby side, but really her girlish body was not fat she just lacked the curves that would have accentuated other parts of her figure.

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