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The ensuing conversation revealed her trade name to be Gift and she further explained that she lived in Ikeja and came to the brothel daily. Gift initially said she charged N1,500 for a “short-time but when one of our correspondents told her that he had only N500, she pleaded that he should make it N700.

Gift obliged to have some drinks and once she started drinking, she sang like a minstrel.

Girls are becoming fewer here because they are looking for greener pastures,” she said.

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“She told him that she would love to stop this job and he helped her out.

As we speak, Sade is a shop owner somewhere in Ogba, Lagos, and she sells wine and other drinks.” When Ruth noticed that the correspondent was not willing to play ball, she rounded off the conversation with a prayer.

Commercial sex workers are aware that many young men simply derive satisfaction from engaging them, discussing prices, telling them to show enticing body parts, only to walk away from the bargain. But that night, Tania was unusually patient, another evidence of the desperation in the trade. The inquiring eyebrow she saw made her explain further. It was a frank explanation, one that laid bare the underlying financial struggle that sometimes pushes many of the young women into the sex trade.

When our correspondent later discharged her with an excuse that instantly brought an expression of disappointment on her face, she turned back a moment later as she made to walk away. “If you know anyone who needs a cleaner or housemaid, please let me know. At Allen Roundabout, one of our correspondents was relaxed with a bottle of drink at Pekas, a popular bar known to host many ladies of the night.

At a brothel situated at the top floor of a three-storey building around the Ojuelegba Bus Stop, at least 15 sex workers mill around the place per night.

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