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The documentary does a great job of balancing the shine around the team and the realities of Scooba, Miss., which is about 10 miles from the Alabama border in east-central Mississippi.

From the dilapidated buildings to the ice baths on the sidelines of the practice fields, you sometimes forget you’re watching a documentary about a school in a town with a population of about 720 people.

Let’s not forget that Wagner is a single mother living in a town of less than 800 people with no personal life whatsoever. Wagner seemed funny, charming and genuine in her every-day role trying to make sure the players understand just how important it was to be in class and that this was their last chance. Franklin left Florida State, transferred to EMCC, then got another shot at a Division I school when he signed with Auburn.

I thought I was going to come away more impressed than I did.

He just came off as cocky and above the situation, and also above the players around him.

His play was sporadic at best, and he even had an altercation with Stephens when Stephens was trying to “coach him up.” I felt myself pulling for Roberts more and more as the series continued.

He always was the most talented player on the field, and everyone from Stephens to Roberts’ father knew it.

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