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There are a few grisly deaths that should elicit hoots and hollers from the audience — Bodine's buddy, played by Omar Benson Miller, outdoes his costar with a rage-filled pitchfork kill — but disguised action melds the keystone moments right into the plodding narrative. Frank Grillo shows up and disappears in the span of three bullets.

Even Franco, who starts the movie by kicking a trio of teenagers' asses with a baseball bat, is stuck running from Statham until a showy non-confrontation. Matt Patches is a writer and reporter whose work has been featured on New York Magazine’s Vulture, Time Out New York,, and

The movie dilutes the face-off with an incomprehensible plot that's too serious and square for its own good.

Statham has proved he can pull spectacle out of a hat amidst even the most inert drivel (see: ' Killer Elite') as long as he has a director behind the camera who can stage his fight choreography.

The facility provides detoxification and buprenorphine services to the public.

The treatment center provides residential short-term treatment and residential long-term treatment care. Payment assistance is not offered for program costs.

The raid sends gangsters fleeing, but a few roundhouse kicks and a car chase later, Broker pins down the ringleaders.

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