Sex fast punjabi

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In our own day to day life how many homosexuals , transgender do we know or are friends with .

Modern Punjabi society seems to be in a crisis arising from misunderstanding towards Sex and Sexuality .

First of all is the fixation for a male child which has lead to high rates of female foeticide in Punjab . These extra 107 men find difficult to find partners , are frustrated , prone to violent behaviours and drug abuse .

According to the Indian penal code , Sexual intercourse below the age of 16 even with consent is considered rape . Cant teenagers be taught to live healthy sexual attitudes from the the time of puberty ?

Are teenagers above the age of 16 free to practice their sexuality in a comfortable manner ? Homosexuality is considered illegal when scientific research shows 1 in 20 individuals will have homosexual behaviour . Society continues to feel that there is something wrong in talking about Sex .

Its high time for society to open itself to sex and sex education .

Sex fast punjabi

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