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With birth rates declining globally almost overnight, there would be a redistribution of the world's population as surrogacy and adoption brought more babies out of developing countries.Although initial effects might be positive in those places (with more food and educational services to go around), it could also cause a huge economic recession with global impacts.How would it affect the way we interact with one another? And with the species potentially at risk of extinction, would it be ethical for governments to intervene in some way? Non-desirous sex for the sole purpose of reproduction wouldn't be much fun (and would be aided by Viagra and lubricants), but plenty of people (ranging from sex workers to housewives) have experienced sex without desire so that's not new.

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But if we consider just the issue of how eliminating lustful attractions from polite society affected things, a few facts become clear.

First, people continued to engage in sexual activity, even though women were believed "passionless." Women strongly desired to procreate, even if the means was actively distasteful to them.

The Women and Child Development ministry on Monday launched an online platform to enable women employees of the central government to file complaints related to sexual harassment at the workplace.

“We are also going to soon conduct a national survey to assess the nature and magnitude of sexual harassment at the workplace,” Union minister Maneka Gandhi said after launching the portal at her office here.

This can be hard for contemporary Americans to grasp, because our vision of sexuality is that it is an asocial, universal drive that is the inevitable and necessary foundation of relationships, marriage, and procreation.

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